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内容导读:Who is Q.C. CHINA
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“China International Exhibition on Quality Control & Testing Equipment”,briefly as “Q.C. China”, founded in 1995.The annual “Q.C. China” is a brand exhibition with longest history and widest business fields in Chinese Inspection industry today, it contains main four business parts: NDT technology & equipment, Physical Analysis and Chemical Testing Instrument, Analyzing Instruments and Laboratory equipment, and high-end technologies of Measurement and Testing. It is an authority platform to show new technologies and products with high reputation from home and abroad. “Q.C. China” provides advanced testing equipment and technologies by manufacturers and distributors of the inspection industry from all over the world for the inspection market and builds communication bridges for manufacturers and various agents.
With the need of inspection industry becoming deep and extensive, the demands of function and technology of production quality inspection to the enterprises are higher and higher .It is inspectors` duty and responsibility to how to improve the methods of inspecting ,to make progress on inspection equipment. “Q.C. CHINA” wants to combine international advanced inspection idea with national practical inspection needs, which can deliver foreword technology and marketing information rapidly, and also show yourselves between national and international colleagues.
In addition, the organizers will make full use of our 70 years in the material research and detection of the traditional advantage and with all the relevant industry (CO) will be long-term cooperation resources, with the exhibition hold high level academic meetings and technical exchanges. At the same time, the exhibition organizers accumulated professional audience database, author, reader and expert database of academic journals, the database of academic conference representative, and long-term cooperation of the professional media and cyber source over the years, it will be expanded to show the influence of propaganda and play a positive role, and bring more end users for the exhibition.
The Q.C.China was founded 21 years in 2016, at the appointed time, the organizers will carry out a series of brand activities to commemorate and celebrate this important moment, feedback people who always support and love the Q.C.China over these years! The 21st Q.C.China will be more Professional and authoritative.
“Innovation, Progress, Development” is our common goal, and let’s exhibit a vigorously developed inspection industry today through sincere cooperation.
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